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Business Supporter Packs


Promote your business and increase sales whilst helping raise awareness of motorcycle safety!

Delivery Rider Safety Awareness


Our delivery rider safety awareness workshops are derived from elements of basic and advanced motorcycling techniques from the UK that have been adapted to fit UAE riding conditions and the target audience.

The safety workshops we run for delivery riders are not about teaching people to ride motorcycles as they are already licensed and experienced motorcycle riders, the goal is to reduce accidents by raising awareness and constantly reinforcing the safety messages.

Business Bikers UAE


Community group for connecting Senior Executive's and Managers in the United Arab Emirates who share an interest in motorcycling.


All bikes welcome, physical events coming soon!

Join the online group at

Riders Skills Courses


RIDE SAFE UAE partners with leading manufacturers, tour companies, 

motorcycle training providers and instructors to deliver riding skills courses with various courses on and off road catering for beginners through to advanced riders.

Motorcycle Safety Policy


We work with organisations to develop internal safety policy and support them in implementing their own in-house awareness campaigns aimed at reducing the risk of accident or inury to employees who ride motorcycles as part of their job or as their main mode of transport to and from their place of work.

Online Store - Coming Soon!
It's a work in progress...

​Research & Insights


A key goal of RIDE SAFE UAE is to conduct primary research and analysis, and share insights,  facts and figures in order to improve safety standards and awareness of the motorcycling community in the UAE. 

Awareness Campaigns 


RIDE SAFE UAE will launch a series of ongoing safety awareness campaigns aimed at raising awareness amongst both Motorcyclists and other road users across the UAE.


Many of the accidents that occur between motorcyclists and other roads users in the UAE are due to driver error and not the fault of the motorcycle rider.


We want every road user to be thinking about motorcycle safety, not just the riders!

Delivery Rider Equipment Sets
- Coming Soon!


We're taking the time to source the essential safety equipment for your couriers and delivery riders so you dont have too.


RIDE SAFE UAE's centralised procurement initiative in partnership with our suppliers will ensure we already have the equipment you need when you need it and with your company branding included at the best possible price!

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