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RIDE SAFE UAE brings together a group of community minded motorcycling enthusiasts, supporting organisations and employers which are focused on improving motorcycle safety in the UAE.

We are working hard to achieve our goal of creating a motorcycle friendly environment through knowledge sharing, coaching, mentoring and ongoing awareness initiatives. 

Each of our expert advisors draws on over 20 years of on and off-road motorcycling experience and are UK DSA approved motorcycle instructors.

Our suite of varied service offerings and the initiatives we lead share one common goal and thats simply about raising safety awareness and reducing injuries sustained by motorcyclists in the UAE.

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By championing motorcycling and motorcycle safety awareness amongst riders and other road users we believe we can reduce the number and severity of accidents involving motorcyclists in the UAE. 


We believe we can save lives, and we can reduce injuries sustained by motorcyclists in road traffic accidents and off road.


As the UAE becomes a safer and more appealing place for motorcyclists to ride we will see an increase of people taking up motorcycling for leisure and also riding to work, the knock on affect of this will benefit Motorcycle Retailers, Training Schools, Equipment Providers, Garages, Biker Cafes, Tour Companies, Motorsport, Insurance firms, Government, Police, RTA.

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