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Become a better & safer adventure rider!

After 6 seasons of successful off road adventure training, Touratech Middle East are pleased to announce their next training sessions for 2016 The training is being provided by Touratech Adventure Off road School and BMW Academy South Africa, All instructors are internationally certified BMW academy instructors and have a solid history of adventure riding. The courses are based on the BMW Motorrad Basic/Advanced Off road skill training program, with an emphasis on adventure riding/travelling based on the Touratech off road school. These courses are aimed at anyone who wants to become a better and safer rider. From beginners who don’t want to have to turn around when facing a gravel road, to anyone wishing to learn how to handle a skidding adventure motorcycle. You can learn a lot, even if you mainly ride on asphalt. The instructors start from scratch and put a strong emphasis on balance and technique. Overall these courses help to build a riders skills and confidence on the bike, making them a much more competent rider on the road and off it.

Rider’s Training Basic This is the course for you, whether you are a beginner or have a lot of experience off road. The course starts from scratch with throttle/clutch control, balance exercises, lifting techniques, braking exercises, cornering and driving up and down hills. After that it continues to more advanced exercises, but always at a comfortable level for you. The instructors adapt the exercises individually, so that rider can grow at their own pace and feel properly challenged. You stay mainly in the practice area, but will take a few short trips to apply what has been learnt. BASIC training Skills: Setting the motorcycle and riding in a standing position Hopping on and off without using the side stand, balancing the motorcycle Lifting a dropped motorcycle Warming up on the motorcycle and different riding positions Throttle and clutch control, moving the motorcycle and riding slowly Off-road steering, how to make the bike go in the desired direction in the terrain Slow, tight turns Emergency braking until standing still. How to use front and rear brakes effectively. Function of ABS. Should it be switched off and when? Stopping on a hill. What to do, if you have to stop on a hill or if the motorcycle stops. Riding up- and downhill Starting on a hill Riding on tracks Gravel ride with feedback from instructor Course Fee: 2,000 Dhs

Rider’s Training Advanced Suitable for those who have taken Rider’s Training Basic, or have a lot of experience in riding motorcycles on gravel and feel completely comfortable with riding standing. The course starts by quickly reviewing the most important aspects of Rider’s Training Basic. After that you continue with exercises containing turning on a hill, turning uphill, brake sliding, riding over obstacles, sand riding and using speed and torque. You will stay mainly in the practice area, but set off on the last day for sand riding in Al Awir, Dubai from the Just Gas It Farm. ADVANCED training Skills: warming up on the motorcycle and advanced riding positions off-road steering, how to make the bike go in the desired direction in the terrain slow, tight turns emergency braking until standing still. How to use front and rear brakes effectively. function of ABS. Should it be switched off and when? stopping and turning in a hill riding up and down steep hills/paths braking and stopping downhill riding on advanced tracks turning on a slanted surface advanced starting methods riding in sand starting in sand braking skids

Course Fee : 2,000 Dhs What’s included during the training: Qualified and certified course Instructor. Lunch on both days. Dinner on the 1st Day. Snacks thorughout the day. On site mechanical support. Drinks/Water. 1x training T-shirt. Free camping site. What’s not included: Bike’s (each rider will have to provide his own bike) Petrol for bike. Bike Insurance. Personal Insurance. Venue: The training will be at Hatta, UAE. however not at the usual Hatta Hotel location. the location is a 5 min ride from the Hatta R/A. Details will be communicated along with the joining instruction E-mail. Dates: Basic training will be over 2 days 11th Nov 2016 12th Nov 2016

Advanced training will be over 2 days 18th Nov 2016 19th Nov 2016 Registration: For registration, please E-mail to with answers to the following questions: First and last name? Course interested in Basic/Advanced or both? Type of bike Brand & Model? T-shirt Size? Accommodation Hotel/Camping/none? Once the E-mail is received, Touratech Middle East will get back to you with a confirmation email and further details. Accommodation: Free on site camping is available, along with basic facilities. For those who prefer hotel accommodation, please feel free to contact any of the following hotels which are nearby for pricing and booking your accommodation. Hotel Stay: JA Hatta Fort Hotel Holiday Arabian Resort Special deals can be found in both hotels through For any enquiries or clarification, please feel free to contact Touratech on or Tel: +971 56 4301360

Special thanks to the event sponsors: Bin Saifan Group BMW Abu Dhabi

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