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Don't forget your pre-ride checks!

A major factor in improving motorcycle safety and reducing the risk of an accident is ensuring your bike is well maintained at all times.

Carrying out regular maintenance checks and ensuring the bike is serviced properly is of course essential but lets also not overlook the most basic pre-ride checks that every rider should be making.

"B.O.L.T.S." checks are the simplest form of common sense quick checks you can make before riding.

Remember... B.O.L.T.S!

BRAKES – Simply check that both the front & rear brakes are working

OIL & FUEL – Check your oil and petrol levels

LIGHTS – Check every light is in working (as well as the lights on your control panel)

TYRES – Simply ensure that the front & rear are inflated

STEERING & SUSPENSION – Ensure their is no excess play in steering and the suspension bounces

At RIDE SAFE UAE we believe if all of us within the UAE motorcycle community work together to share and reinforce even the most basic of actions and advice then we are already taking the right steps towards improving motorcycle safety in the UAE as a whole.

Please help us spread the word!

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