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When the equipment works!

We recently caught up with Kris Murphy who is a road racer in the UAE sportbike championship and we were keen to share the video of a slide he had earlier this year at Yas Marina Circuit as its a great way to demonstrate just how wearing the correct kit can make a huge difference in the reduction of injuries in the case of an accident!

A very important point to note is that its worth paying for the best quality equipment you can afford as there is a lot of inferior kit out there.

This even includes leather clothing (one piece suits also), boots and gloves where the quality of the leather is so poor or thin that it wont protect you if you fall. So with this in mind we have listed the full kit that Kris was wearing on the day!

Watch the video and read on below...

View more of Kris Murphys YouTube videos by clicking here - Kris Fizz

Follow Kris Murphy on social media:-

Twitter - @kris50racer

Facebook - @krismurphyracer

Instagram - @kris50racer

Bike:- Yamaha R6 Race Bike 130+ HP

Rider Safety Equipment:-

  1. Helmet - X-Lite X-802RR Ultra Carbon

  2. Leathers - Dainese Trickster one piece race suit

  3. Back protector - Dainese

  4. Boots - TCX R-S2 Evo

  5. Gloves - Alpine Stars SP1 Leather Gloves

Accident details - At the end of the back straight at Yas Marina Circuit North there is a double turn comprising of two 90 degree left turns which are taken in one motion. Entry to the turn is preceded by hard braking to drop the speed from approximately 200Kmh to around 90Kmh, as Kris enters the turn with the bike angle being at its extreme, rear grip is lost, causing the bike to slide out from under him.

Bike and rider both go over the Yas kerbs, which are quite high, causing some damage to the bike.

Damage to the rider:- Some bruising on the upper outer left thigh and small bruise on the left foot, otherwise no other injuries

The leather gloves, boots and one piece suit do their job in protecting him!

Damage assessment of rider safety equipment:

  1. Leathers - small scuff on the left upper leg section, left elbow area is partially worn through to the armour underneath.

  2. Gloves - Left hand glove has a slight scuff, but the plastic sliders that are on the heel of the palm do their job and prevent the gloves gripping the track surface and transferring any impact shock to the wrists, arms or collar bones.

  3. Boots - Small scuff on the outside edge of the left boot.

  4. Helmet - No damage

  5. Back protector - No damage

This example from Kris just goes to show the equipment works, so remember the mantra!

"All The Gear... All The Time!"

If you have a similar story to share please email RIDE SAFE UAE with the details - Info@RIDESAFEUAE.COM

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