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Everyone can join the cause to promote safer motorcycling and improve motorcycle safety awareness in the UAE by signing the RIDE SAFE UAE motorcycle safety pledge.


Read it, speak it, print it, sign it, live by it!


Help spread the word by taking a selfie or group photo holding your signed pledge and share on social media.  


#RideSafeUAEMotorcycleSafetyPledge #RideSafeUAE 

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​As a Motorcyclist

I pledge to make motorcycle safety my priority whether I am riding on road, off road, or on the race track.

I pledge to wear full protective equipment at all times and to always ride within my limits and obey traffic laws.

I pledge to make sure my motorcycle is always properly maintained and regularly serviced.

I pledge that I will make efforts to constantly improve my riding skills, knowledge, and experience through basic training or advanced skills courses and by regularly learning about and practicing safe and defensive riding techniques.

As a Passenger

I pledge to only ride as a passenger when wearing full protective riding equipment.

I pledge to only ride pillion with experienced motorcyclists who always ride safely and care about my safety as their passenger.


As a Motorist

I pledge to be extra aware of motorcycles by always looking twice, using my turn signals and checking my blind spots before switching lanes and to not be distracted while driving. I pledge to treat motorcycles with respect and to give them extra space when following or overtaking.

I pledge to act as if it was one of my own family members who is riding every motorcycle that I see.


As a Friend or Family Member

I pledge to support my friends or family members who enjoy riding motorcycles by helping them to stay focused on being a better and safer rider and by making sure they are wearing all the protective equipment every time they ride.



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